I was at the famed Lawrence Berkeley National Lab yesterday to drive my son Rahul and some of his teammates from Lynbrook High School for the Regional Science Bowl tournament. The event was hosted by the Center for Science and Engineering Education.

The Regional Science Bowl competition test students' knowledge of astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, earth, computer, and general science. There are are couple of Science Bowl tournaments in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, one at Stanford, Berkeley and another at Lawrence Livermore. This is not a surprise given the concentration of high tech in this area. At this particular event, there were twenty-four teams of students from sixteen high schools.

There were two teams (Team A and Team B) from Lynbrook at the event. The A Team, comprising of Rahul Basu, Timothy Chu, Keegan Mendosa, Tejas Navaratna and Raman Nelakanti, won the trophy in the finals against Albany High School.

The red Lynbrook tshirts with a DNA and "Science is in our genes" was very striking in the crowd. The back of the shirt has a periodic table with the initials of all the Science club members and it said "We have all the right elements". The tshirt designs were voted by the science club members. Rahul's design made it on to the shirt this year.

The Lynbrook B team comprising of Jennifer Chen, Andrew Ma, Alexander, Markus and Troy did very well too and got the third place. They were all first-timers at this event.

The Lynbrook team coaches Dr. Roy Rocklin and Mrs Amanda Alanso were very proud indeed! They have been very supportive of the Science Club and its activities in school.

The Lynbrook team will now join approximately 65 other high school teams from across the country to compete for the title of 2010 DOE National Science Bowl Champions.

I wish them the very best!