Inside the prayer hall within Diskit gompa.

15 July 2010

That was one really long night!

R was very sick in the night. It was an attack of the digestive system. He spent better part of the night in the toilet. There was no electricity and it was cold. We had a torchlight to find our way around the room. We managed to light a candle for the bathroom. We did not have the right medicine with us, since we forgot one of the medicine pouches at Leh. Not sure what had caused this stomach problem. Could have been the water or the food he ate during the day. R suffered a lot through the night.

By 3AM, we had run out of drinking water. We stepped out of our room to see if we could find the caretaker inside the building or in some of the tents outside. It was pitch dark. There was an eerie silence and nobody seemed to react to the noises we made. It was cold outside but the night sky was superb. I have not seen such a beautiful sky in my life! I know I digress here.... We opened the kitchen door (it was not locked) and found the cooks sleeping inside. One of them, Sanjay Biswas (from West Bengal), woke up and gave us bottled water that we were looking for. Rahul started to stabilize by early morning.

We started out from Hundar around noon, only after Rahul felt better. He rested most of the way back and did not get off to see the Diskit monastery.

Diksit gompa blends with the landscape and is very attractive.

Deskit Gompa

Entrance to Diskit

Deskit looks very nice inside too.

Love the colours & lines

We explored the area around the gompa. On one side of the gompa is a sheer cliff. There is a "path" to the stream about 200 feet below. Years ago, the monks used this path to go down to get water. I call it a "path" since it is really narrow and hardly enough for one person to stand comfortably. Certainly not meant for anybody with vertigo!

Sheer cliff along the gompa building

Buddha Statue outside Diskit.

After light tea/biscuits at Monalisa Restaurant to regain energy, we started the long climb towards Khardung.

Road to Khardung from Nubra

One of the villagers along the way had told us that there was a lot of snowfall at the pass the previous night.

The roads were cleared but there was a wall of snow on the side.

We did not stay at the pass for too long. We had passed a convoy of trucks and were not keen on getting stuck behind them again. It is hard to pass these trucks on these narrow roads. Here is the convoy of trucks we are glad stayed behind us.

Trucks that are insignificant in size compared to the surroundings.

We were happy to be heading back to Leh after a very tiring day in Nubra valley.

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