Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

On Saturday, 09 February 2009, there is a massive negative low tide between 1PM and 5PM along the North California coast. This happens several times in a year but rarely during the day. So, this combination of weekend and daytime massive low tide is quite unique.

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve located at Moss Beach, about 10 miles north of Half Moon Bay, along the picturesque Highway 1 in California, is an excellent place to watch sea creatures in their natural habitat during the low tide. I would expect that there would be a large number of visitors, young and old, at the place to touch and feel starfish, sea stars, eels, mussels, sea anemone, clams and crabs of various shapes, sizes and forms.

Another places along the coast that is interesting to go to is the Half Moon Bay's famous Maverick's Surfing Spot. After 5PM, it will be covered by 8 feet of water for another few months!

Typically, the reef that is exposed during the low tide and is an excellent place to watch and touch marine life in the tide pools. I have visited this place many times with my son, when he was little. But, honestly, I continue to be entranced by what I see, whenever I go there. We were there in the afternoon, a few weekends ago. It was a beautiful day and there were many children, in their colourful clothes and gum boots, exploring the reef. It is always a treat to watch the inquisitive children excited, especially when they can identify a critter! You can watch this wonderful tidepool tour to know what to expect. The rangers are very friendly and answer questions very patiently. It is a wholesome experience for the family! I am looking forward to being there, with hot samosa and tea!


Hermit Crab and friends

Holey rock!


At the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve