I was invited by Mala Devlin to participate in a panel discussion titled "Software Soul: Maximizing profitability by unleashing the spirit of software teams". This topic sounded very interesting to me since I have managed projects and global teams for several years at my jobs in the US and in multinational companies in India.

Mala and I met for tea for the first time in July and discussed the topic and more. I was impressed that Mala had recently published a book called The Software Soul. The book is an easy read and had several anecdotes that are very easy to relate to. While I read the book, I saw myself in many of the situations! :)

Over the last month, the panel presentation took shape. Thanks to Mala's diligence and communication, the panel discussion was well planned and rehearsed. Our panel discussion was on Friday 02 October. I talked about Globalization and some of the best practices to make global teams click and deliver. Hong-Chung talked about a strong Leadership. Divya talked about Diversity in teams and Karen talked about Operations.

It was fun meeting all the panelists and hearing their rich experience. I learned a lot from them.