(L->R): Kristin Rozier (NASA); Sumitha Prashanth (Sun Microsystems-India); Radha Ratnaparkhi (IBM); Claudia Galvan (Microsoft); Bev Crair (Quantum); Meenakshi Kaul-Basu (Sun Microsystems); Lydia Ash (Google)

It was wonderful to meet with my panelists and be able to put a name to the face. We had been communicating occasionally prior to the conference. Face-to-face contact adds a completely new dimension to an interaction. It was a pleasure meeting all of the panelists!

The discussion went very well. I had prepped the panelists on some questions that I would ask to seed the discussion. Otherwise, I preferred to keep the format of the panel discussion interactive and spontaneous rather that rehearsed. There were a lot of interesting questions from the audience. A professors wanted to know what additional training they need to impart to their students before they move into the industry.

All the panelists were wonderful and added a unique perspective to the topic. I learned a lot. Thanks to all of them for making the time to be part of this panel at the conference. My colleague Deirdre wrote details on her blog. A summary of the discussion is also available at the Anita Borg Institute site.