Obama before he announced he was going to run for the President
Photograph courtesy of Pete Sousa

Today is a great day in the history of the United States and of the world! It was indeed wonderful to see Barack Obama sworn in as the President of the United States! I am really excited by the thought of having an intelligent, rational and progressive president in the USA. He has a very tough job ahead of him, cleaning up all the rubbish he has inherited. His speech was, as always, superbly delivered. He set the expectations, hinting at the issues facing the nation.

Obama has come a long way. My favourite picture of Obama and family is taken by Pete Sousa, just before Obama publicly announced, at the Democratic National Convention, his candidature for the President. In the photograph, Obama looks off into the distance, his face calm and inscrutable; his wife and daughters look on, their expressions hinting at anxiety. Says Sousa, "I look at that photograph now and I say to myself, 'He's about to walk out that door, and his life will never be the same.' "

Indeed, Obama's life will never be the same!

A few reasons that I am hopeful for, in Obama's tenure as the president include the shift in his outlook to science & technology, energy, environment and healthcare. It is heartening to see Obama likely to lift restrictions on stem cell research. I am hopeful that attention will be paid to environmental concerns. Not to mention the likelihood of lifting women in science. He has a gargantuan task ahead of him, given the current tanking economy, US reputation in the world, failed world policies and the global environment issues.

It is a change we can believe in! I have hope!